What could you accomplish if you had
better English pronunciation skills? 

Do you wish you could pronounce English more clearly and speak with confidence?

Welcome to Clear Speech Training. We are your key to more confident and clear speech.

Our highly-effective accent reduction program is designed to bring you results. Here's what you get:

  • An individualized speech analysis using the Compton Phonological Assessment of Foreign Accent
  • A Compton P-ESL workbook with practice exercises
  • An interactive CD-ROM or lifetime access to the online web-based program which provides practice in auditory discrimination and production of your target sounds and allows you to compare your speech production to the recorded speech models
  • Instruction that is tailored to meet your needs, as you and your teacher practice the specific vocabulary and speaking situations unique to your work environment and social life
  • A follow-up speech analysis at the end of the program which demonstrates the measurable amount of improvement you have achieved 

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Christina Tabbut    
Clear Speech Training, L.L.C.  
tina @clearspeechtraining.com

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