Christina Tabbut
ar Speech Training, L.L.C.  

"Christina goes out of her way not only to teach the program but also to give extra help to students so that they do their best. She is efficient, committed, and student-friendly. I enjoyed the classes and program very much. In fact, learning is fun with her. I would certainly recommend Christina to anyone who is looking to speak more clearly." 

Fr. Arul A., O. Praem

What could you accomplish if you had
better English pronunciation skills? 

Do you wish you could pronounce English more clearly and speak with confidence?

Welcome to Clear Speech Training. We are your key to more confident and clear speech.

Our highly-effective accent reduction program is designed to bring you results. Here's what you can expect:

• Achieve clear, confident speech that will allow you to communicate effectively at work
and in social situations

• Convey your ideas so they will be heard and understood by others 

• Gain at least a 50% improvement in the clarity of your pronunciation 

• Receive a customized course of training based on personal analysis of your speech patterns!

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